About US

Founded in 2009, Mothership Group quickly made its mark on East London, opening the doors to a trio of forward-thinking, multi-faceted, culture-driven venues. Starting with the iconic Queen of Hoxton, shortly followed by renowned The Book Club, and lastly Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, a true Shoreditch heritage site, which has recently been rebranded as ColoursEach of our London venues hosts its own impactful program: ranging from music, art, culture, comedy, and anything in between.


In 2015 we launched Patterns, a safe space for Brighton’s underground club culture. With its carefully curated programs, Patterns has firmly established itself as a grassroots live music venue – hosting a mix of industry leaders to new names on the scene.


When we’re done crafting, philosophising, and debating – we, like you, let our hair down and party. So, if you like the sound of us, come on in and join us on the dance floor!